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How to Save Fuel

We all would like to save fuel, whether it is for a noble cause like saving the planet, or for a selfish cause like not burning a hole in the pocket... more
Car Care

Used Tips & Advices help you with everything you ever wanted to know about cars, their buying, selling or maintenance. Read tips on better car driving, saving fuel and much more.

Night Driving

According to a survey, death rate due to accident fatalities at night is three times more than that in the day..There are many hazards associated with driving at night and most of us aren’t aware of ways to deal with them. The primary reason why night driving is so dangerous is darkness. Ninety percent of a driver’s reaction depends on vision which is severely limited at night. Depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision are compromised after sundown. The more your age, the lesser is your viewing capability at night.

Driving in the rain

Ever experienced losing control, even if it was momentarily, under wet conditions? The answer may be, in all certainties, a yes for most of us.Losing control of your car in the wet is a frightening situation that may land you in a soup. Drive slowly and carefully to prevent skids. Steer and brake with a light touch on curves. If you want to stop, make sure that you do not brake hard or lock up the wheels, lest you end up skidding. Even if you do lose control and end up skidding, do not panic as it will only add to the trouble. Stay calm, ease your foot off the accelerator pedal and steer the car carefully in the direction you want the front of the car to go. If your car is equipped with ABS then modulate the brakes as you steer the car.

General Car Buying Tips

You need a new car or a used car. Whether it's your first car, or you're a seasoned buyer, its always good to take some expert advice..Is the car you're looking to buy suitable for your needs? It may sound like a simple question - but it is so easy to be distracted by impractical cars when you're looking for a new car. Prioritise your needs. Is it space or speed? Looks or practicality? There's no point buying a sports coupe if you want to transport a family of four. Likewise, why buy a big clumsy off-roader if you're a city dweller? Why consider mileage as top priority if you travel less than 10km a day? Petrol or diesel? To answer these questions, and make your buying and selling experience as easy as possible - read on - we've compiled the guide that should provide the answers to all your questions.

New Car Buying Tips

Buying new cars is not an easy job but is committed to make car deals simplified by all meaBuying new cars is not an easy job but is committed to make car deals simplified by all means. Our goal is to make car buying a pleasant experience. By following our step-by-step process, you'll be able to buy a car you're happy with and get monthly payments that won't deplete you bank account.

Car Selling Tips

Selling a second hand car needn't be a headache. Our selling advice on the following pages will guide you through everything from preparing your car for sale to negotiating the price.

Looks sell. Clean your car thoroughly and consider taking care of minor maintenance issues.

Some things you can do to improve your car's appearance are:

  • Wash, wax and vacuum your car.
  • Wipe down the dashboard and other surfaces.
  • Gloss up the tires and polish the wheels.
  • Clean all glass inside and out, including mirrors.
  • Clean out any junk from inside your car and the boot.
  • Replace any fused lights or blown fuses.
  • Top up all fluids.
  • Check for any sounds and noises, and try to eliminate them.

Car Safety Tips
Preventive maintenance reduces chances of a breakdown. However chances cannot be overruled. It is better to be prepared..

    1. Pump the brake pedal fast and strongly many times to build pressure
    2. If there is an engine brake shift to a low gear.
    3. Use the handbrake (or e-brake) if the vehicle does not come under control.
    4. Activate the hazard lights and look out for a safe place to stop.
    5. In case of a puncture or blowout hold on to the steering wheel firmly. Draw the vehicle towards the corner of the road.

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